Wood Folding Beer Pong Table and Bench

Wood Folding Beer Pong Table and Bench

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Wood Folding Beer Pong Table and Bench

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Wholesale Outdoor Wood Folding Beer Pong Tables and Beer Benches



Since 1990 


Haidong,Professional factory of banquet table in China.such as folding table,banquet table,hotel table,foldable table and so on.we made this table for many years.We are a manufacturer ,so we can produce special products to meet your special



 Outdoor Beer Tables

[Mesas Y Sillas OutdoorR ectangle Wood Material Foldable Beer Table for Garden


 Beer Table Bench


 [Mesas Y SillasRectangle Plywood Material Foldable Outdoor Beer Garden Table for Wedding




1.Rectangular Folidng Beer Garden Table: L x W x H


1x 220*50cm (H76) / 2 x 220*25cm (H45)


1x 220*60cm (H76) / 2 x 220*25cm (H45)


1x 220*67cm (H76) / 2 x 220*25cm (H45)


1x 220*50cm (H76) / 2 x 220*28cm (H45)


1x 220*60cm (H76) / 2 x 220*28cm (H45)


1x 220*67cm (H76) / 2 x 220*28cm (H45)



 Accept Customized Sizes..........




Beer garden Table Bench

 [Mesas Y Sillas] Fir Wood Folding Mesa y Sillas de Restaurante


Wood Beer Tables


Outdoor Rectangular Chinese Fir Wood Material Folding Events Table for Banquet


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 [Chair and Table / Mesas Y Sillas] Wholesale Outdoor Wood Folding Beer Garden Tables with Beer Benches

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