Wholesale Banquet Chiavari Party Chairs Wedding Folding Tables Decorations

Wholesale Banquet Chiavari Party Chairs Wedding Folding Tables Decorations

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Wholesale Banquet Chiavari Party Chairs Wedding Folding Tables Decorations

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Product description

Wholesale Ballroom Chiavari Banquet Chair and Banquet Folding Hotel Table



Since 1990






Wooden Chiavari Wedding Chair

Model No.

HDW-CV-U Series


Chair Height

92 cm

Seat Height

44 cm

Chair Depth

46 cm

Seat Width

40 cm

Chair Width

40 cm

Seat Depth

40 cm

*Net Weight-4.50kg     *Gross Weight-5.00kg     *Material:Beech or Robinia Pseudoacacia(Chinese Locust Tree)

Container Loading Capacity:

Chiavari Chair (with and without cushion both ok)

9 pcs/carton

Carton Size:233*41*62cm

20FT: 432 pcs

40FT: 900 pcs

10 pcs/carton

Carton Size:263*41*62cm

40HC: 1000 pcs

*High quality hard wood frame. Raw Material:Robinia Pseudoacacia(Chinese Locust Tree)

*The unique making technology of interior structure to ensure chair's reliability.

*The precision design of perforation.Durability ensured with steel flat socket cap screw and locknut.

*V-shaped Metal cocked hat(angle iron) support the bottom of chair making it very stable and strong.

*The Distinctive Design of Wood Structures with Mortise and Tenon Connection.

*Pass Test: EN 12520-2010 - Fruniture - Strength,Durability and Safety Test.

*Available Colour:Gold,Silver,Black,White,Mahogany,Natural,Brown,Fruitwood,Bronze,Walnut…









Plywood Folding Wedding Tables


Folding Table Pass:
EN.12521-2009 Furniture Strength,Durablity and Safety Test.



Plastic Folding Table    Please click here!



Product Description
Plywood Folding Table
Rectangle Folding Table Round Folding Table S Shape Folding Table
Size:96'' x 18'' x 30'' ( or 243*45*76cm) Dia.72'' x 30'' (or Dia.183*76cm) O.Dia: 72" +I.Dia.60''     H: 30"
Size:72'' x 18'' x 30'' ( or 183*45*76cm) Dia.66'' x 30'' (or Dia.168*76cm) O.Dia: 60" +I.Dia.48''     H: 30"
Size:60'' x 18'' x 30'' ( or 152*45*76cm) Dia.60'' x 30'' (or Dia.152*76cm) O.Dia: 48" +I.Dia.36''     H: 30"
Size:48'' x 18'' x 30'' ( or 122*45*76cm) Dia.48'' x 30'' (or Dia.122*76cm)  
Size:96'' x 30'' x 30'' ( or 243*76*76cm)    
Size:72'' x 30'' x 30'' ( or 183*76*76cm)    
Size:60'' x 30'' x 30'' ( or 152*76*76cm)    
Size:48'' x 30'' x 30'' ( or 122*76*76cm)    
 31KruuF74OL.jpg             41mJt-5ZMJL.jpg             41gbr56FxEL.jpg
Cocktail Table Square Folding Table Half-Round Folding Table
Dia.30" * H 30" Size:72'' x 72'' (or 182*182*76cm) H.Dia.72'' x 30'' (or H.Dia.183*76cm)
Dia.30" * H 42" Size:60'' x 60'' (or 152*152*76cm) H.Dia.60'' x 30'' (or H.Dia.152*76cm)
Dia.36’’ * H 30” Size:48'' x 48'' (or 122*122*76cm) H.Dia.48'' x 30'' (or H.Dia.122*76cm)
Dia.36’’ * H 42’’    
41xM1Au0E7L.jpg  41bIYh2nIFL.jpg 41yDlzxK4VL.jpg 

*18mm exterior hardwood plywood top. 
*All edging is in elasticity PVC T-moulding Edge.
* 6 coats clear polyurethane varnish: 4 on top 2 on bottom.
*Table legs are wishbone style,made of steel 25x1.2mm or 25x1.5mm with powder coating.
*Two extra-with wood runners on underside for stacking and  protection.
*Flathead bolts and recessed locking nuts locking legs for safety.
*All metal parts shall be thoroughly cleaned and phosphatized to enhance paint adhesion.
*Metal parts are to be finished with a thermoform epoxy powder coating.


Quality Control

1213 .png

Packaging & Shipping

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Company Information
Professional Banquet Chairs and Tables Manufacturer in China Over 27 Years (Since 1990)

       Jimo City HAIDONG Iron and Wood Products Factory is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of indoor and outdoor furniture such as Chiavari chairs, Napoleon chairs, folding chairs, banquet chairs, hotel chairs, sillas tiffany, folding tables, dining chairs, cushion and more. Our products mainly used in the wedding, party, banquet, hotel, ballroom, church, ceremony and other special commercial events.


      Because we specialize we are able to bring you the competitive price and high quality table for your special events.

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Our Services

 1. Wood Chiavari Chair                   2. Resin Chiavari Chair                      3. Sillas Tiffany                       4. Wood Napoleon Chair    


 5. Resin Napoleon Chair               6. Banquet Chair                                   7. Wedding Chair                    8. Wood Cross Back Chair


 9. Plywood Folding Table             10. Plastic Folding Table                    11. Resin Folding Chair         12. Metal Banquet Chair

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