Transparent Clear PC Acrylic Resin Royal King Chair

Transparent Clear PC Acrylic Resin Royal King Chair

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Transparent Clear PC Acrylic Resin Royal King Chair

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Product description

Polycarbonate(PC) Resin Royal Chair (I)

Model No.

HDR-RY-K(I) Series

Chair Height

100 cm

Seat Height

45 cm

Chair Depth

43 cm

Seat Width

40 cm

Chair Width

40 cm

Seat Depth

38 cm

*Net Weight-5.50kg *Gross Weight-6.00kg *Material Brand: TEIJIN(JP) or SAMSUNG(KOR)


*KD Knocked Down or Stackable.
*100% Fully Recyclable Material.
*UV Resistant To Prevent Fading & Discoloration.
*100% Waterproof.
*Requires Almost No Maintenance.
*KD Chairs Provide For Better Warehouse Management And More Efficient Delivery.
*The most popular western fashion combined with oriental arts will bring you an incredible experience. 
*The printed matter or other fashion things can be inserted into the box on the chair's size:L150*W70*T3-5mm.
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Packaging & Shipping

Container Loading Capacity:


4 pcs/carton

Carton Size:103*44*33cm

20FT: 728 pcs

40FT: 1520 pcs

40HC: 1728 pcs


With Cushion

4 pcs/carton

Carton Size:103*44*38cm

20FT: 624 pcs

40FT: 1200 pcs

40HC: 1500 pcs

Assembled (with and without cushion both ok)

7 pcs/carton

Carton Size:233*41*62cm

20FT: 336 pcs

40FT: 700 pcs

8 pcs/carton

Carton Size:263*41*62cm

40HC: 800 pcs





Company Information






1. Q: Is the chair a knock down chair or a full unit chair?

    A: Knock down chair


2. Q: What is the difference between the knock down and a full unit chair?

          Is there a price difference?

    A: The price of an assembled chair is 0.5 dollars more than the unassembled chair.


3. Q: What is the maximum weight that could be handled by the chair?

    A: Static load 350kgs


4. Q: What is the material used for the production of the chair?

    A: Material: polycarbonate


5. Q: Are the chairs UV resistant? Does this prevent fading and discolouration?

    A: The chair is UV resistant, preventing fading and discolouration.


6. Q: Are the chairs water proof and fire proof?

    A: Yes


7. Q: Is there a pass test done for the chair?

    A :Our resin chairs have passed ANSI/BIFMA X 5.1-2002, ISO9001


8. Q: Is the chair non-stick and anti-static for easy clean?

     A: Yes


9. Q: Is the chair suitable for any climate?

    A: Yes


10. Q: Can I get a sample chair? What is the cost and procedure of this?

      A: Yes. Firstly, tell us your address.

           Accordingly, we give you the quotation for the sample and freight charges.

           Then the sample will be sent to you as soon as we recieve your payment.


11. Q: Do the chairs come with a warranty?

       A: 3 years limited warranty on frame under normal using

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