Half Round Outdoor Folding Wooden Round Used Banquet Tables

Half Round Outdoor Folding Wooden Round Used Banquet Tables

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Half Round Outdoor Folding Wooden Round Used Banquet Tables

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Half-round Outdoor Folding Wooden Round Used Semicircle Banquet Tables


half-round-1-2-thick F.jpg Hemicycle Half-round Plywood Folding Dining Table

      Half Table 004.jpg



  • 60" Square Commercial Grade Wood Folding Table
  • 1014-Pound Static Load Capacity
  • 0.7" Thick Plywood Top
  • Black T-Mold Edge Band
  • Black Powder Coated Wishbone Legs

.6 coats clear polyurethane varnish: 3 on top 2 on bottom. 
Tops are edged with vinyl T-molding 
Commercial grade powder coating on legs 
Two wood runners on underside for stacking & protection 
Locking legs for safety. Leg assemblies are wishbone style 
All metal parts shall be thoroughly cleaned and phosphatized or painted



timg (8-1).jpg

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This plywood folding table is very useful since it can be instantly stored and is easy to carry at the same time. This durable table was built for constant use in hotels, banquet rooms, training rooms and seminar settings. Not only is this table durable enough for the everyday rigors of commercial use this table can be used in the home when it comes to setting up your own personal party plans.


Plywood Folding Table
Rectangle Folding Table Round Folding Table S Shape Folding Table
Size:96'' x 18'' x 30'' ( or 243*45*76cm)     Dia.72'' x 30'' (or Dia.183*76cm) O.Dia: 72" +I.Dia.60''  H: 30"
Size:72'' x 18'' x 30'' ( or 183*45*76cm)     Dia.66'' x 30'' (or Dia.168*76cm)  O.Dia: 60" +I.Dia.48''  H: 30"
Size:60'' x 18'' x 30'' ( or 152*45*76cm)     Dia.60'' x 30'' (or Dia.152*76cm) O.Dia: 48" +I.Dia.36''  H: 30"
Size:48'' x 18'' x 30'' ( or 122*45*76cm)      Dia.48'' x 30'' (or Dia.122*76cm)   
Size:96'' x 30'' x 30'' ( or 243*76*76cm)        
Size:72'' x 30'' x 30'' ( or 183*76*76cm)        
Size:60'' x 30'' x 30'' ( or 152*76*76cm)        
Size:48'' x 30'' x 30'' ( or 122*76*76cm)        




Special Shape Plywood Folding Table
Cocktail Table Square Folding Table Half-Round Folding Table
Dia.30" * H 30" Size:72'' x 72'' (or 182*182*76cm) H.Dia.72'' x 30'' (or H.Dia.183*76cm)      
Dia.30" * H 42" Size:60'' x 60'' (or 152*152*76cm) H.Dia.60'' x 30'' (or H.Dia.152*76cm)      
Dia.36’’ * H 30” Size:48'' x 48'' (or 122*122*76cm) H.Dia.48'' x 30'' (or H.Dia.122*76cm)      
Dia.36’’ * H 42’’    




 Outdoor Trestle Plywood Folding Banquet Catering Table



 Round Plywood Folding Outdoor Tables



 Rectangle Plywood Folding Wood Tables



 Half-Round Plywood Folding Dining Tables












PACKING & SHIPPING :  2 Pieces Folded Banquet Tables




40HC Container: Round Plywood Folding Tables


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