Factory Acrylic Wedding Banquet Gold Resin Napoleon Chair

Factory Acrylic Wedding Banquet Gold Resin Napoleon Chair

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Factory Acrylic Wedding Banquet Gold Resin Napoleon Chair

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Product description

Factory Acrylic Wedding Banquet Gold Resin Napoleon Chair


          Polycarbonate(PC) Resin Napoleon Chair

Model No.

HDR-NP-U Series

Chair Height

89 cm

Seat Height

44 cm

Chair Depth

46 cm

Seat Width

40 cm

Chair Width

40 cm

Seat Depth

40 cm

*Net Weight-4.50kg  *Gross Weight-5.00kg  *Material Brand: TEIJIN(JP) or SAMSUNG(KOR)




Product Description



Chair Description:

They are the ultimate in chic while still maintaing a romantic elegance. They will match absolutely any colour theme providing perfect stylish accompaniment to any palate.

The Napoleon chair is widely used in wedding,party,banquet,hotel,restaurant,

ballroom,church,ceremony and other special events.

*Having a typically European style shape.

*Perfect for the indoor and outdoor events.

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Raw Material,Purchased from international famous brands-TEIJIN and SAMSUNG.

*100% fully Recyclable/Exported/Primary polycarbonate(PC) material, (The PC is commonly known as Bullet-proof plastic,It have the highest physical properties,Toughness,Hardness,Elasticity....It's the best material to make resin chair.)

More stronger and durable than wood / PP / Acrylic chair or other resin chair with steel inner frame.

 2 .jpg

*All resin constructed with reinforced ONLY TWO aluminum screws in seat board.So assembled it easily!!!

*UV resistant to prevent fading & discoloration.100% Waterproof.



*Loading capacity:Over 350kgs static load.

*Injection molded polycarbonate frame is highly impact resistant.

 4 .jpg

*Save time and money-Requires almost no maintenance.

* Wood or PP chair needs paint,will be scratched easily.Our colour chair,solid color.  No  sanding,repainting or staining needed. So no odor of paint,more environment-friendly.

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Container Loading

                     Container Loading Capacity:


4 pcs/carton

Carton Size: 90*42*30cm

20FT: 1032 pcs

40FT: 2048 pcs

40HC: 2400 pcs


With Cushion

4 pcs/carton

Carton Size: 90*42*36cm

20FT: 848 pcs

40FT: 1708 pcs

40HC: 2000 pcs

Assembled (with and without cushion both ok)

7 pcs/carton

Carton Size: 233*41*61cm

20FT: 350 pcs

40FT: 728 pcs

8 pcs/carton

Carton Size: 263*41*61cm

40HC: 832 pcs

Knock-down(Disassembled) package : 4 pcs/carton



Assembled package: stack 8 or 9 pcs/carton



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