Dia.48 Inch Clear Coated Finished Top Round Wood Folding Wedding Events Table

Dia.48 Inch Clear Coated Finished Top Round Wood Folding Wedding Events Table

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Dia.48 Inch Clear Coated Finished Top Round Wood Folding Wedding Events Table

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Dia.48 Inch Round Wood Folding Wedding Events Table with Clear Coated Finished Top, Black Folding legs



Haidong,Professional factory of banquet table in China sinc 1990.such as folding table,banquet table,hotel table,foldable table and so on.we made this table for many years.We are a chinese table manufacturer ,so we can produce special products to meet your special requirements.



Board Material Picture Table Sample
Veneer Plyood




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*Metal tube wall thickness:1.80mm
*18mm exterior plywood top 
*5 coats clear polyurethane varnish: 3 on top 2 on bottom. 
*Tops are edged with PVC T-molding. 
*Commercial grade powder coating on metal legs.
*Two extra-wide pine wood runners on underside for stacking & protection .Runners

are secured to the table tops with flush fitting, flathead bolts and recessed locking nuts 
*Locking legs for safety. Leg assemblies are wishbone style, . 
*All metal parts shall be thoroughly cleaned and phosphatized to enhance paint

adhesion. Metal parts are to be finished with a thermoform epoxy powder coating.




Rectangle Folding Table

Round Folding Table

96'' x 18'' x 30'' ( or 243*45*76cm)    

Dia.72'' x 30'' (or Dia.183*76cm)      

72'' x 18'' x 30'' ( or 183*45*76cm)    

Dia.66'' x 30'' (or Dia.168*76cm)      

60'' x 18'' x 30'' ( or 152*45*76cm)    

Dia.60'' x 30'' (or Dia.152*76cm)      

48'' x 18'' x 30'' ( or 122*45*76cm)     

Dia.48'' x 30'' (or Dia.122*76cm)      

96'' x 30'' x 30'' ( or 243*76*76cm)    


72'' x 30'' x 30'' ( or 183*76*76cm)    


60'' x 30'' x 30'' ( or 152*76*76cm)    


48'' x 30'' x 30'' ( or 122*76*76cm)    



Square Folding Table

Half-Round Folding Table

72'' x 72'' (or 182*182*76cm)

H.Dia.72'' x 30'' (or H.Dia.183*76cm)      

60'' x 60'' (or 152*152*76cm)

H.Dia.60'' x 30'' (or H.Dia.152*76cm)      

48'' x 48'' (or 122*122*76cm)

H.Dia.48'' x 30'' (or H.Dia.122*76cm)      



S Shape Folding Table

Cocktail Table

O.Dia: 72" +I.Dia.36''     H: 30"

Dia.30" * H 30"

O.Dia: 60" +I.Dia.30''     H: 30"

Dia.30" * H 42"

O.Dia: 48" +I.Dia.18''     H: 30"

Dia.36’’ * H 30”


Dia.36’’ * H 42’’


Other Banquet Table

Special Sizes and Shapes, Pls Contact Us!




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